Take control of your Health this Winter

The wind has changed and after an amazing sun filled and warm September and early October there is a definite chill to the air now. Every year we put up with seasonal coughs and colds. We give out about it, we take our sick days, whine, complain and soldier on. How about not getting sick this year! how about taking control of yours and your family's health naturally. How about saving money on trips to the doctor and the chemist!

There are basic things we need to do, which let's face it some easier said than done.

1. Get enough good quality sleep. Who out there can honestly say this happens on a regular basis. I know I try but it doesn't always happen. Tips below on how to assist!

2. Eat seasonally, and when the weather gets cold lots of warming foods, soups, broths, warm drinks add colours of the season to your plate!

3. Adapt your workout for the weather. Warm up properly, wear warmer breathable layers.

4. Do YOGA!!!!!!!!!! and here's why.

The thymus gland is responsible for producing T-Cells a group of cells essential to protecting the body from foreign organisms. It is located between the heart and the breast bone. All our yoga postures that focus on opening the heart centre along with deep breathing help to stimulate the thymus.  Enjoy those backbends, whether it's cobra, urdhva dhanurasana or supported restorative - open your heart enjoy your breath!

All inversions improve the movement of lymph cells aiding in the transportation of nutrients and oxygen to the cells and also the removal of waste!

Twists and hip openers can assist in the removal of waste products from the body by activating the spleen and lymph nodes.

Savasana, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Meditation - anything that assists us in calming the nervous system and reducing stress will give the body more power and ammunition to fight something other than stress - namely any germs coming our way!!

5. Discover the natural wonder of essential oils! I have become a convert to the wonders of essential oils in particular DoTerra because of their therapeutic quality grade. My entire house has become chemical free as I have swopped out cleaning products, over the counter medication, skin care products - you name it and there's probably an oil I use for it now instead!

Did you know antibiotics can not penetrate the cell wall whilst essential oils can! Making them powerful in fighting viruses. How many times have you spent money going to the Doctor to be told its a virus there's nothing you can do. Or have a virus and be given a prescription for an antibiotic knowing it's not actually going to work?

Along with a healthy well balanced diet, adequate sleep, Yoga (of course) and adapting your workout for winter conditions I highly recommend adding DoTerra's OnGuard blend and products to your list.

OnGuard blend contains 5 potent oils (wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary) that have been studied for their antiviral abilities to fight bacteria, viruses, mold and more (see aromaticscience.com for up to date and ongoing research on essential oils and also DoTerra's blog for info on their oils). Diffuse it in your home or office to kill airborne pathogens - bonus it smells great too. Put on the soles of your feet nightly to build immune system or take their super teeny (perfect for kids) beadlets. Also have in stock OnGuard Plus just in case you don't escape the winter bugs and get struck down or feel you need some added protection. OnGuard plus is the OnGuard blend in a soft gel with Oregano, Black pepper and Melissa essential oils added.

Along with OnGuard diffusing citrus oils and melaleuca in the house will kill any airborne pathogens.

Trouble sleeping a few drops of Lavender and Breathe (perfect for any sniffles) in a diffuser or on the soles of your feet. Or try doTerra's Serenity blend.

**Note from my daughter Maia (age 6 1/2) night time favourite in her diffuser Lavender or Serenity with a few drops of Breathe and also Juniper (oil of the night) to keep the nightmares away!**

For more info on Doterra Essential oils and how to order and save 25% call or email me olwyn@yogaflow.ie /(085)153-0673.