Essential oils

Right now I am buzzing about essential oils.. buzzing is an understatement. It's like I have discovered essential oils for the first time and I want to tell the world about it.

I thought I knew pretty much everything there is to know about all alternative and complementary healing and therapies. It's my bedtime reading, it's what I do when I've a minute to spare scouring the internet for natural solutions for all ailments whether I have them or not.

Essential oils just didn't do it for me. Maybe lavender for sleeping and tea tree oil as an antiseptic. Otherwise I thought nice smell can we move on. I just didn't rate them as a therapeutic alternative!

How wrong I was!

I recently got introduced to a range of essential oils that have pretty much blown me and what I thought away. At a bake sale at my daughter Maia's school a couple of the parents had brought cakes that had peppermint oil in, others lemon! mmm delicious (I bought quite a few!) I did not know you could use essential oils in cooking.

A few weeks later at a group playdate I arrived frazzled rushed to get there and had burnt my hand on the hair straightner earlier (yes I was frazzled and frizzy) it stung and was flaming red. One of the Dad's took out some lavender oil and within seconds of putting it directly on the burn the redness and the sting had gone!

After using Lavender to treat nettle stings on Maia's legs I investigated further. Seems not all oils are the same. A lot you buy in the health food store or chemist may have other stuff added or have been contaminated in the processing stage. What I have realised with Doterra essential oils is that quality makes the difference from a pretty smell to something I can put in my water and drink, or apply directly to my skin. Quite simply they work.

When Maia was unwell recently and not keeping anything down but had a soaring temperature I used peppermint oil and lavender on the soles of her feet. It both cooled and calmed her down. That to me was enough to make me order the family physician kit they sell. Peppermint and lavender also do wonders to calm her Pita personality in the evenings.

The last time I became so passionate about how something has changed my life in a positive way I became a Yoga teacher.. and now after discovering the wonder of these oils I have signed up as a consultant.

So I am on another amazing journey my continous yoga one and now on oils and healing. Some of you may have noticed me diffusing oils in class (Yet another thing I had to learn... aromatherapy burners kill the therapeutic qualities of the oils! diffuse diffuse! or just a few drops on your hand and inhale). With each daily discovery I promise to share more both with the blends I get directly from Doterra - balance, elevation, serenity.. to ones I am blending myself because it feels right.  Lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus got a group hesitant handstanders all wanting to try one more handstand please! credit to the uplifting qualities of the oils I was diffusing.