Kick S.A.D

Here in Ireland we like to give out about the weather. We give out when it's raining (which it does a lot) we give out when it's too warm (seriously!!) and that doesn't happen too often. A sprinkle of snow sends the country into a state of panic.

But the fact remains when you are looking out at grey skies and the days are short S.A.D is very real. I would love a Winter holiday in the sun (that's what they recommend) but the fact is that is not always possible.

My recommendation, just get outside! Get some rain gear, breathable layers and get outside. I promise you the hardest part is getting out the door once you are out you'll be glad you did. For me getting out the door is the challenge and then the hills I run and battling against the wind and the rain doesn't seem so bad. You are quite simply kicking S.A.D in the face.

Whether you run, cycle or walk get outside. This past weekend I was skipping through the woods with my daughter. As ridiculous as this may sound and probably looked (me not her) it was so much fun. The trees protect you somewhat from the wind and rain and the skipping! wow I forgot how much fun that is. No wonder Maia never walks, she only skips and jumps.. At what age did we decide this was not appropriate adult behaviour?

Next time it's raining, grey, windy, sleet, snow, expect to see me running and skipping through the park and kicking S.A.D in the face!!