Top 10 reasons to practice at home

My home practice did not come easily to me it was something I often put too much pressure on myself about. Now I try and encourage my students to just unroll the mat. Commit to 10 minutes and watch what unfolds.. Don't take it too seriously, don't put pressure on yourself to perfect a pose. It is a journey inward. It is a journey.. And because I don't like to take myself too seriously here are my top 10 reasons of why I love my home practice so much. In truth 1 & 10 are the main ones.

1. You can practice in your pj's!

2. You can practice whenever you want (time, children, animals depending).

3. You can practice for 10 minutes, or on those glorious days when you embody the flow - 10mins may turn into 2 hours and you may not even notice.

4. You can drop into Savasana at any moment (my personal favourite after every Urdhva dhanurasana).

5. You can stop and dance at any moment (after every handstand for me).

6. You can practice what you want and more importantly what you need in that moment.

7. You can go at your own pace (see no.4).

8. If you have kids you can practice with them and learn from them. At home Maia and I have a night time practice which can be chanting and pranayama or sometimes some asana. She loves it, perhaps because I never insist, I don't teach, I always let her lead.

9. Savasana can be 5 minutes or time depending can turn into 30 blissful minutes of Yoga Nidra.

10. Sometimes your practice can be just that... 5 min Savasana or 30 mins of Yoga Nidra.