Trouble Sleeping?

We all seem to be somewhat sleep obsessed (at least in my circles). Whether it's babies or children, our busy over scheduled lives, financial stress, work stress, stress, our love of coffee, wine, our inability to switch the mind off. Whatever the reason we do not seem to get enough sleep these days.

"Sleep is the best Meditation" Dalai Lama

No better man to say it as it is. I couldn't agree more! Having adequate sleep is a necessary part of your healthy lifestyle to benefit the heart, weight, mind and more.

I read the blogs, take heed of tips I find on various websites - I practice Yoga, I go running, I have a diet so healthy that I often have to balance it out with some delicious vices like coffee, wine and chocolate. But knowing what I know (from the tips on the various websites and blogs I read.) I leave wine till the weekends because I know it disturbs my sleep, I seldom have coffee in the afternoon. The fear that 6am will roll around and I will have been awake for much of the night makes these small sacrifices easy.

But still I don't sleep through the night. I do not have insomnia. It's seldom I am awake for the whole night. I fall asleep easily but I wake easily too. I probably wake about 5-6 times in the night. I do fall back asleep some times a little quicker than others. This has been going on for about 7 years 8 months (Maia turns 7 the end of April!!)

Then the night before last I slept through the night - and last night too.. It was nothing short of a shock to wake up and see it was just gone 6am (not my choice but my daughters to get up at this time). I had slept without waking once! I call it a - friggin sleep miracle.

As many of you know I've been using essential oils since last May and loving them for everything. For many Lavender or the calming blend sends people off to a deep slumber for me it did nothing. A few months ago I added Vetiver to the mix! I thought I'd got it - Vetiver is grounding, it quietens the mind. They recommend for people who have ADD which explains why it helps switch the mind off. I started sleeping better, I was more grounded the following day. But still I was waking in the night, I was falling back asleep but still my sleep was disturbed. So still experimenting a couple of nights ago I added Marjoram to the mix just a few drops on the pillow after I had put the calming blend on the soles of my feet, followed by Vetiver. I also put Vetiver on the back of my neck (base of skull, top of spine). 7 years 8 months! I will do anything and all.

But it worked. That's what works for me. Marjoram is calming, I use it for sore muscles too, I put it in a blend for Maia called Peaceful child blend. I am not saying this particular mix of oils will work for you maybe Lavender is all you need. But finally I get to have a nights sleep. Happy happy zzz's

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