I used to live life quite literally by the seat of my pants I thought nothing of moving to San Francisco on my own, travelling through Asia on my own. I have travelled on some of the most dubious looking aircraft in the most hair raising weather conditions. Have you ever been on a plane so small you are almost beside the pilot? With the weather so bad he has to stand up wipe the window to see if he could see the runway?.. I have. I have done a parachute jump. I have travelled on plane where half the seats are missing. Quite simply for a great part of my life I was pretty fearless.

Then I had something greater than myself to live for - Maia.. soon to be 7 and the love of my life. She has made being on this earth so much more important. The benefits include being more mindful of my life and my health but the unexpected downside for me who loves to travel to far flung places was developing a fear of flying. I haven't been any further than London without her and thankfully the journey is short and for the past few years this journey is spent with eyes closed breathing deeply clutching the seat. As I turn into my mother (yes we all do, I see that now) it was through her and my essential oils I have found away to fly, breathe normally and even read while on the plane. My mother's fear of flying is a lot greater than mine and usually kicks in about a week before she boards the plane. Last year before she went on her holidays she was feeling anxious/jittery I handed her a bottle of my favorite esential oil brand's  Grounding blend, showed her the cup and inhale method - the results where instant. 

I like the smell of th grounding blend but it has never had the dramatic effect that the Joyful blend or Calming blend has had. So I honestly didn't think to use it. I just thought this maybe isn't an oil for me. Recently I travelled to London City Airport with Flybe. I actually thought it was some sort of joke that I was expected to board what looked like a small private plane (see pic) and fly to London in it. Thankfully I had some of the Grounding blend with me before the plane took off and several times during the flight I used it both cup and inhale method and placing the oil directly on my heart centre. Wow.. my breath immediately became quiet and the pounding heart slowed right down. I actually enjoyed flying into London and seeing all the sights as we came into land. I will not be travelling to an airport again without it.

The Grounding blend contains an blend of oils known for its grounding effect. It is a great oil to place on the souls of the feet in the morning. Cup and inhale for those times in the day when we feel a little unearthed. Or as I know like to use it when travelling on bizarrely small aircraft.