Peaceful Child..

We are emotional beings that is true and never more apparent than through the eyes of a child. Children are a big ball of emotions ready to spill at any given moment as they navigate this world not completely sure of how to control their feelings.

I sometimes wonder did I give birth to a wild horse. My girl never walks, she likes to run, skip, jump, do cartwheels, handstands always moving. Is it any wonder when she leaves school in the afternoon after spending so much time sitting and concentrating that all those emotions are ready to erupt in some way. Some days I can just let her run wild.. others it's straight into the car. These days are like walking on egg shells unsure of exactly which emotion is about to come spilling out. I keep my favourite brand of oils calming blend in my car for these reasons (for me) and Maia has her own little blend of oils she uses called Peaceful child blend. They work. A combination of grounding and calming oils... Vetiver,  Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Clary Sage, Margoram, Lavender mixed in a roller bottle with some fractionated coconut oil.

I do feel some oils resonate more strongly with us than others. Frankincense I joke is her pause button. It is just that! If I manage to put a drop at the base of her skull right before she is about to explode it really is like pressing pause, she swtiches gears and moves on in a different calmer way.

I love that I have a fiesty, strong girl who loves to sing and dance and do Karate and swing upside down from trees. Sometimes she wants me to put the oils on her or puts them on herself, sometimes she wants to chant Om and sit quietly and colour to calm down and then sometimes she wants to own her anger and goes running from me when she sees me coming with Frankincense. Sometimes she needs to feel her anger in full force to let it run its course - And that's more than okay with me too!