Struggling to breathe..

When my partner of 10 years (Maia's Dad) and I broke up I felt like someone had ripped my heart out, I struggled to breathe. As much as I wanted to close the doors and hide in my room, I just had to get on with things. I had to ensure the transition for Maia was as smooth as it could be. I didn't stop to take a breath, I couldn't. I kept working, I kept up the routine and in some ways I felt like I just numbed the feelings.

As an emotional and passionate being, numbed feelings are foreign to me, I felt like someone had taken over my body. I ran every day to clear my head. I practiced Yoga every day to reconnect.

But life is life and some days I didn't get to fit in a run or yoga for as long or as much as I needed it - There wasn't enough time in the day for the amount of Yoga I needed to do. I needed something else.

When I started using Essential oils I had no idea the positive impact they would have on my life. I thought I would just use them in class to create an atmosphere.  I never saw how much I would use them for physical and emotional healing. I believe each oil resonates deeply with individuals in a different way and sometimes we are simply attracted to the smell of one we need the most. During this difficult time I layered my favourite brand of oils joyful blend with peppermint on my heart centre, diffused them in the house, used the cup and inhale method. While Peppermint helped me to breathe (no other way to describe it) the joyful blend connected deeply to my heart centre and helped me to feel. To feel good about myself, about life about difficult decisions being made, to let go of bad feelings, let go of blame.

The joyful blend contains a blend of Melissa, Lavender, Sandalwood, Tangerine, Ylang Ylang among others. They call it joyful blend - If you ever want to try some just ask, I always have a bottle in my bag!