"I'll have that steak medium rare please.."

A while back I watched a video of Mark Hyman (Functional Medicine Expert) he was talking about the best diet to eat. Here we go you are thinking there is another diet out there to try that is better.. What he said made me laugh first, then happy that someone was saying what I thought. It's about what diet is right for 'You'. The diet that will make 'you' healthy energised fit, strong. It's not whether vegan is better than paleo or vice versa it's what suits you. He coined the phrase 'Pegan' - that's it I thought I'm a Pegan (one with a decent amount of bad habits mind you).

I started practicing Yoga many moons ago and looking back I actually credit my practice with the end of me eating a purely plant based diet. I look back now and see how my yoga practice was teaching me to love and respect myself, my body and with that recognising that a vegan diet was not the best fit for me. I started eating fish and immediately felt better, stronger, more energised. Funny you think  as Yoga  is so often associated with being vegan. Believe me I know I sat through so many Yoga classes and retreats where the teacher would spend too much time talking/lecturing about the vegan lifestyle I remember in New York sneaking off to have some Sushi and oh heaven forbid I had coffee after. It made no sense to feel such guilt about my healthy eating choices yet it was guilt that I felt. That in itself was wrong.

More recently I was told I needed to add red meat to my diet on a regular basis - I feel the shudder and tutting from the vegans in the world as I type. Here's the thing, when you've been diagnosed with Alopecia and your hair is falling out in handfuls you may reconsider your eating choices too. Despite my kitchen presses looking like the inside of a health food store, between my superfoods, supplements, my fridge bursting with dark leafy green goodness - It was not enough for my ferritin stores (iron stores). Including red meat once and sometimes twice a week has made a huge difference to me. I must emphasise to 'ME'. I am not suited to being vegan though I love to eat vegan meals, I also love fish, and include red meat because it's what my body requires. Surely that's the point - eating a healthy diet that gives our bodies the best chance at the best and healthiest life.

I know so many healthy vibrant strong vegans. The diet suits them. I also know many who like me look pale with dark circles around their eyes who may need a review of diet and or lifestyle.

I am a nutrition geek and love my food journey as much as my Yoga one. We may embark on our Yoga journey as part of a group but it is deeply personal and so is the food and nutrition one. There is a wave of new cooks and chefs making my cooking and eating habits fashionable and trendy and I love it because hopefully it is making some of you review how it is you eat and how food effects you. Sugar free, gluten free, grain free, paleo, pegan, vegan, organic, grass fed, wild, raw, superfood are all the hashtags you may see if you do the food thing on instagram.. You may even see some of my own recipes if you follow me (olwyn33)

They say you are what you eat.. Maia thinks I am a coconut! I think I'm more a Tropical Island that had a few healthy cows living on it.