Down but not out!

I've been plagued with injuries for the past 7 months. I'm not going to lie it has been the most frustrating experience. Prior to this I felt I was really hitting my groove I was running up the mountains, it was in short AWESOME! The views were exhilarating, motivating. Okay so the actual up hill run never seemed to get any easier but it was worth it for the rambling once I got up there. I'd come home buzzing and hit the mat (the Yoga mat) adapting my practice accordingly. Of course there were the days when I just couldn't fit it in. And there were the days when I just enjoyed the luxury of Yoga. In short I felt I was doing most things right to prevent any sort of injury.

But then one thing after another! my heel, my knee, my shoulder. I actually felt like my body was just giving up. I blamed my running shoes and took myself off to have my gait analysed, one small fortune later off I went with my new running shoes. They made no difference! and unfortunately you cannot get a refund on shoes that are covered in mud. So I took my own advice and decided to rest. I looked after the heel injury with some 'foot yoga', cared for and fixed the knee issue with yoga too. After a couple of months I thought i was ready to hit the road properly again. Mentally I was more than ready. And then it struck again, that blasted heel pain just seemed to be getting worse. On reflection I was reminded that consistancy is key and during the time I wasn't feeling any pain I stopped the specific yoga that was helping and just returned to my normal practice. I stopped icing the heel too, so of course the pain returned. I also made the mistake of starting right where I left off - running for an hour after being out of action for so long was definitely not the wisest decision I have ever made.

So it was back to rest and almost giving up! not where I wanted to be.

Happy to report that now - I am back! Lessons learnt means I am taking it slowly. It took a couple of visits to an amazingly helpful Osteopath to truly understand the cause of the injuries and now it is up to me to take it slowly and be grateful that I can still run and do yoga and can enjoy building back to where I was. To keep adapting my Yoga practice accordingly instead of being in this constant hurry to do everything, be everything is key.

The most enjoyable part for me.. and there is despite the frustration - is that there is so much to learn about yourself physically and mentally from exploring one pose at a time. Downward dog a pose we are all so familiar with can teach us so much. This is my go to pose when something is 'off' I feel the imbalance. Having a regular practice with a teacher is so important - Although I can feel the imbalance I am not always sure where it is stemming from and as much as I enjoy doing a class online, and as good as those teachers are, they have not quite mastered the art of adjusting students through the computer screen. Slowing down is a lesson in itself a valuable one. Maybe that strong 90 minute vinyasa class isn't what your body needs if you are injured. Take a step back to review and take stock before you move forward again SLOWLY.

You won't see me up the hills just yet, a slow 3-4k is where I am at. And in Yoga handstands are off for now, Urdhva dhanurasana is coming back slowly. My daughter has told me she wants me to live to 108! In order to do that I need to mind this body of mine I suggest you do the same.