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Yoga for Runners

  • Yoga Dublin Dartmouth Rd Ranelagh, Dublin Ireland (map)

A love of both running and Yoga guarantees a first hand exeprience as to how Yoga will enhance your running - strength and stamina. Stretching safely and smartly is key. Making the most of rest days, learning how to prevent injuries and heal quickly from any that may occur.

As this is a short 2 hour workshop I welcome any requests in advance on current issues, injuries etc. Email me at and I will be sure to address and incorporate into the practice.

The workshop will be in 5 parts suitable for all whether you are new to running or yoga.

1. Pranayama increase your lung capacity and stamina with strong breath work

2. Feet and Knees - How yoga can help with your gait and prevent injury

3. Core Strength

4. Hips, Hamstrings, IT band

5. Mindfulness on the road and on the mat

Move both your yoga practice and your run to the next level.

Please book directly with Yoga Dublin