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Yoga for Runners (Injury Prevention &Recovery)

  • Yoga Dublin Dartmouth Road Ranelagh, Dublin Ireland (map)

Yoga for Runners - Injury Prevention and Recovery and how to boost your performance on return.

Injury can be the most frustrating experience if you lead an active lifestyle. There is the temptation to push through the pain which just leads to a much longer road to recovery and risks making the injury even worse.

Yoga is the perfct cross-training activity no matter what your chosen activity is. Above all listening and understanding alignment techniques is paramount in understanding your natural tendencies and will help you understand what might be causing any problems.

As yoga teachers we spend our lives observing how are students are aligned. In Tadasana (Mountain Pose) and Downward-dog so much is revealed.

In this workshop we will seek to understand our natural alignment tendencies and how we can work to bring ourselves into more optimal aignment. Helping to prevent injury and boosting our performance on the road.

Workshop 2pm-4pm €20. Please book directly with Yoga Dublin


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