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Power Up!

  • Yoga Dublin Dartmouth Road Ranelagh, Dublin Ireland (map)

Power Up

Take yourself to the next level in your practice by exploring the relationship between the muscles in and surrounding the pelvis. Bring stability and get more vitality, learning how to use these muscles more effectively in your practice. Go deep to the core with our exploration of mula bandha and uddiyana bandha.

This workshop is for all whether you are an athlete, runner or just an avid yogi. Rediscovering your practice by working from the inside out is going to take you deeper on so many levels. In February's workshop we talked about how posture and alignment in the pelvis may be the cause or the result of injury elsewhere. In this workshop we will take it to the next level examining the process of the Asana from where the movement begins and along the way how to adapt instruction in a general yoga class to suit your body type and your natural tendencies.

Find that stability to create more strength vitality and vibrancy.

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Later Event: June 18
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