What style of Yoga do i teach

Yoga Flow

I teach a strong dynamic flowing yoga that has been influenced by all the styles of yoga I have learnt, practiced and trained in on my yoga path.

Ashtanga to Anusara - from strong and dynamic to tantric philosophy and optimal alignment

Vinyasa Flow - learning to move with the breath in a creative sequence embodying the flow on and off the mat.

Pranayama - Uijaii or uplifting breath is the breath we use in class also practice other methods and techniques to further enhance our practice and understanding the healing nature of the breath

Minfulness - from the moment you arrive on the mat until quite some time after you leave class. Learning how to increase that over time

Meditation - Simple techniques to quieten the mind.




Beginners - for complete beginners. No knowledge or experience of Yoga

Level 1 - (also suitable for beginners). Learn safe and healthy alignment optimal for your body. Learn breathing techniques used in Yoga. Explore elements of flow (moving with the breath)

Level 1-2 - Moving towards a stronger flowing practice. Build strength and flexiblity. Knowledge of basic postures (downward dog, cobra) and basic sun salutations a benefit as class will be more dynamic.

Level 2 - Buiding on existing practice. Strong and dynamic.